Maximo De handige 1-2-3 doorgroeistoel voor kinderen vanaf 9 kilo tot 36 kilo. Eerst gebruik je de stoel met de geleverde gordels, vanaf 15 kilo verwijder je de 4-punts gordel en gebruik je de 3-punts gordel die van de auto. 1 Practical adjustment system for the safety belts. 2 Soft padding on belts and buckle. 3 Particularly soft padded lining, easy to remove and wash. 4 Large, comfortable seat. 5 Deep, enveloping side protection to safeguard shoulders and head in the event of side impacts. 6 Spring-loaded system, to change the height of the headrest and the integral harness simultaneously. 7 Reclinable backrest; its position can be changed operating the handle in the front of the seat. 8 ISOFIX connectors with a convenient storage space under the base. 9 Ergonomical shell, with width ventilated wings ISOFIX OPTIE! Geschikt voor : Universeel toepasbaar.