Miki Plus Met de Miki Plus vervoert u kinderen vanaf 15 kilo tot 36 kilo.. U bevestigd de Miki Plus met behulp van de 3-punts gordel. 1 The backrest offers much greater protection than a simple booster seat. 2 Particularly soft padded lining, easy to remove and wash. 3 Large, comfortable seat. 4 Enveloping, adjustable height head rest, adapts with the growth of the child. EASY TO ADJUST. 5 The backrest reclines slightly to rest against the seat of the vehicle. 6 The extra padding on the head rest provides maximum comfort on long journeys or during a nap. 7 The belt guide integrated into the head rest optimally positions the belt on the shoulder in all of the stages of the childs growth. 8 The backrest and head rest also protect the head, shoulders and pelvis in the event of side impacts. Geschikt voor : Universeel toepasbaar.